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NickyVie simplifies your life!

My name is Nicole Vinette, I live in the Montreal area, having worked more than 25 years in the shopping mall industry, I decided to leave everything and in 2018 I dared to pursue a second career in entrepreneurship.

I founded NickyVie which is a home concierge service and a personalized shopping service.

Why I created NickyVie? Because I know that everyone is short on time and that many people travel and need help with their homes. If this is your case, NickyVie is here to help you!

You travel and you don't like to ask your friends and family to look after your house while you are away?

You need help with shopping, you need guidance, you need advice to reduce your shopping time?

You have work to do, but you can't get away from work? NickyVie is here to help you!

My goal is to always offer you personalized services of impeccable quality in order to meet your specific needs and especially to simplify your life!

I offer personalized concierge services and different shopping services according to your needs. I love helping people. So, if you are wondering…

Who will I ask to take care of my home?
Where can I go to find unique pieces for my living room?
Where can I go to buy a dress and accessories for my son’s wedding


For NickyVie, this is a fundamental part of our company. We demonstrate professionalism, honesty, reliability, transparency and stability while respecting our values and commitments.


For NickyVie, this is an essential value for maintaining business, personal and social relationships and remains a key element in the secret of outstanding customer service.