Shopping tour (3 hours)




Do you need guidance, assistance, advice on how to reduce your shopping time?

I accompany you for 3 hours in your shopping. I will guide you, advise you and introduce you to new stores specially selected for you.

I will have you try on clothes chosen according to your figure, your tastes and your lifestyle. No matter your budget, you will save time, make exquisite discoveries and benefit from wise advice throughout the shopping experience, to achieve a style, a look that will suit your personality.

  • A meeting to identify your needs, tastes and for measuring (duration: approximately 1 hour – 1.5 hours)
  • An itinerary of proposed stores, established by myself a few days before the shopping (duration: 3 hours)
  • A tour of the selected stores with you (duration: 3 hours)

Note: The clothing budget will be established together before the shopping session.